How To Make Khor Mam

“Kor Mum”

Cooking is the art of preparing food to be eat. Thinking that since people can find fire since then, cooking has become an important an important part of culture. Moreover, it also means that just looking at the menu and the name of the dish can let us know or conclude that the dish comes from which side, which area is obvious. To connect more clearly, so we would like to show the culinary work of the Cambodian people. A species that is called “Kor Mum”.

The following ingredients and how to do it:

Catfish 1kg
3 layers of pork 600g
2 long eggplants
1 bite of snakehead murrel fish
1 tablespoon palm sugar
Seasoning powder 2 teaspoons
5 cloves garlic
3 red onions
Mum, it is a type of Cambodian pickled papaya
Cooking oil 1 tablespoon

How to do

Step one, we roast 3 layers pork until it turn a little fat and then remove and set aside. Then, we fry the fish a little cooked at a time (when frying, do not turn the frying pan too much so as not to break the fish meat, which makes our food taste bad) and then put it aside. Next, we fry Mum until it smells good and then put it in the bowl.

The next step

is to put enough water in the pot to boil and then put Mum in and stir. Moreover, we add 3 layers of pork, palm sugar, flour, soup, salt and simmer until the meat is slightly tender. Then we put the fish, ground pork, boil it and taste as you like (make it a little thicker), boil it and then add the ripe and tamarind juice. Then we taste it again if it tastes good and then we add fried garlic and basil leaves. This dish is ready. Specially, Kor Mum is tasted more delicious when we eat it with vegetables that you have prepared, such as cucumber, eggplant, beans, cabbage, etc.

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