Fish Soup

Fish Soup

Food is the cure for all ailments. It is such a good chance, we may have heard those words, and when we are not feeling well or have health problems. Do you know some things about Asian culture eating that creates a sense of well-being? Not only Indians, Malaysians or Chinese, some of their dishes are famous for their nutritious ingredients. Of course, Asian dishes are mostly full of rice, tubers, starch, such as potatoes, peanuts, nuts and some other fruits and vegetables, such as mango, dragon fruit, lentils, cabbage, carrots, etc., It all provide protection against some diseases. In addition, Asians like to eat soup often because it provides a lot of energy to the body, help the brain to strengthen our body from fatigue. Because warm soup will help the process of digestion, while the soup. From a mixture of vegetables and meat, fish or beef, chicken provides vitamins and minerals that just a few spoonfuls, it can also help satiate. Today, we will mention the menu a type of dish is called “Fish Soup”. This dish is very delicious, and it also can nourish the body a lot.


Fish 500g, 2 Lemons, 1 Lemongrass, 1 Great Galangal, 2 Fresh Peppers, 1 Aablespoon of Fish sauce, 1 Teaspoon of salt, Half a teaspoon of Seasoning powder, Parsley 50g, Chopped cabbage 300g

Preparation for cooking:

First of all, we wash the fish and cut it into small or large wheels. After that, we prepare parsley and wash thoroughly. Moreover, we cook garlic and fry with chili sauce with a little palm sugar. Then we wash the lemons thoroughly, cook them, prepare the lemon, parsley, salt and garlic and set them aside.

How to cook:

Firstly, we boil water. Next, we chop the kaffir leaves, and add it to the boiled water. Then we add the fish to a boil water, add salt, fish sauce and seasoning powder. In the other hand good food, this dish does not reflect what we received, but also shows us the ingredients, recipes, and cooking methods. Moreover, this dish can be eaten at any time, no matter the small and large gatherings such as party, weddings, or celebrations.

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