Best Late Night Food in Downtown NYC

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Best Satisfying Food

Are you feeling I’m chilling are you like stuff though do you not know really because I didn’t eat that money Oh drunk eats lower Manhattan let’s go baby man all right I hope this changes your lives the way it changed mine New York ay crazy right let it marinate right thank you so much.

Did you know o White was and as you could tell my Energy’s little lower now because I just had six fried chicken sandwiches we are on our way to one of my favorite spots.

This is more in the Soho area little more of Augie area than what we just came from on Avenue, C shout out to everybody on Avenue C s not a dick whoa yes I know.

5 Way To Eat Healthy Good

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5 Way To Eat Healthy Good

I know so we are a cafe Havana for 15 years I used to come here with my fat ass and get the corn whoa the chicken and the shrimp and that’s exactly what we’re gonna get today we’re going to keep it simple to the point what do you recommend mojito done let’s do it you’ll notice here – like the people that work here. Is a little more trendy yeah and you know the ars around here reflect the same thing that’s.

Like popping happening area of town so that along with restaurants like this comines for potentially good night nothing has changed here since I’ve been here 10 15 years ago.

I eat you when you go back to the bathrooms they’re still like the little eans that come out it’s just good to vie to thank you mayo cheese little it of paprika if you notice.

The corns. Come just right you feel me it’s very simple well-prepared Cuan food pulled on my door look at the sauce is the real deal you know when you think about having few drinks this is like good

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Rebalance Yourself You Go Get Some Chicken

  • Some put some rice in you and then boom you’re ready to go back again this is good shrimp not too spicy knock it out with some rice on here this is you guys first time here now are you guys going out after this or what’s the game.

  • Plan we’ve got it so this is the stop after you had some drinks and now you’re just hanging what’s your go-to dish Cuan sandwich yeah the corn it’s insane right.

The Most Enjoy Food

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The Most Enjoy Food

Where do you live damn so so really what you need to understand is they drove an hour plus for this Cuan in the corner put that in the look,s okay that was smooth it’s 1:00 .m. and you are about to go see me scarf down meal that you would think was 7:00 p.m. in Midtown,

Okay ut it’s not we’re on the Lower East Side first and first going to one for the best Italian restaurants I think I’ve ever had late-night eats like this is just what makes New York City.

So special you know there’s the whole unch of ars here where you look right here there’s an Irish ar one on one and I’ve think I’ve been in a fight over there ack in the day.When I was a kid you know Lower East Side this is where it all goes down there’s a lot of drunken college kids that are just running around and getting shit-faced ah little Frankie’s.

Your Favorite Food Sometimes

fried rice with poached egg zucchini and celery on round green ceramic plate
Your Favorite Food Sometimes

My favorite remember this is 1:00 .m. all right you’re not going to some random pool putt Italian hole in the wall spot that’s serving you what you’re about to experience inside is the best Italian in New York A city.

So we’ve been to few spots today ut this spot holds near and dear a place to my heart because I’ve been coming here for over 15 years till 2:00 .m. on the weekdays to 4:00 .m. on the weekends.This is the spot to come spaghetti lamomam which is really what I’m here for tonight is bonkers drunk or not drunk this is where you stuff your face you go home and sleep it in the morning you ask yourself.

Why did you do that you don’t do the specials I just get right into what I love so we’re gonna go with the burrat, a please.

How To Get Some Spaghetti

selective focus photography of pasta with tomato and basil

Can I get the spaghetti Lamone because you know the order wouldn’t e complete without that, you feel me just your regular pizza yeah and some zucchini fries why eat french fry,

When you can go green my man, feel me fried still an ad for you ut little better check this Marat outright look at it who’s out, that’s real good errata right there thank you.

This is the culmination of three meals okay first you get the chicken then you get the corn and then you get your spaghetti Lamoni I swear it never gets old.

Normally Day To Eating

radish and carrots

I swear to God forget how good the food is normally this is late-night food at this point there have been many races to little Frankie’s to make sure I got here right before 2:00 .m.

To get this sometimes if I know I’m gonna want this tomorrow order the second one and put it in the fridge and then knock that out the next day.

I didn’t get this dad od looking this good for nothing you know it’s not easy to work how you guys doing what’s up Johnny you from here we’re at the word where we probably know a lot of the same people that’s my est est friend that’s another great thing about not only little Frankie’s.

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