Beef Salad

Beef Salad

In Cambodia, there many of kind of food so on holiday or chilling party, we never forget our special dish calls “Beef Salad”. Of course, this dish is taste great twice when we drink beer or win. We would like to introduce how to make Beef salad with sweet and sour taste, which is very popular in this dish.


Include Beef with brittle meat (sliced ​​into thin slices) Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Red and blue bell peppers (sliced ​​into strands)- Lemongass (thin slices) – Long green bean – All kinds of fertilizer leaves Peanuts (hit a little hard) -fermented fish 2 tbsp red onion (thinly sliced) Chew garlic thoroughly -palm sugar or regula sugar seasoning powder Salt Cabbage (purple), thinly sliced Peppers as we like.

How to do:

We starts with putting the beef in a clean bowl and squeeze a little more lemon juice. Then squeeze the beef up and down to drain the blood and boil a little and squeeze out all the lemon juice and leave it aside. Moreover, we boil the lemon juice we squeezed out of the meat and add the prahok more or less prahok as we like, leave it to boil again, then add sugar, flour, soup and a little salt, because the prahok is already salty. After it that, we let cool a bit then mix it with the meat and add the lemon leaves and mix well, add red onion, garlic and mix well. Then add purple cabbage, red pepper, green pepper, fresh pepper and beans, mix well. Specially, we add peanuts much as we like if we add a little more the more flavor. When preparing to eat, add all kinds of fertilizers and mix well. How to make beef salad can be done in many different ways, or you can decorate the dishes to be beautiful and attractive to eat as well.

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